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Economic Development

The goal of the Economic Development Committee is to assist our Partners in Tanzania with start-up projects that can generate income.


The Committee has established three criteria for economic development projects:

*Projects should serve the larger community.

*Projects must be sustainable.

*Projects must be in compliance with local laws and practices.

Current Projects

In April 2021 the Meru Committee released funds to support the surveying of the Makumira Farm to potentially transform it from a cultivation area to a strategic economic projects area. The 180-day project began in May 2021. The surveyors divided the farm into plots to accommodate proposed areas for special projects.  Since as early as 2015, we have encouraged commercial development of this area when a founding Milwaukee Partnership member suggested building a mall on the Makumira Farm property along the tarmac road that would appeal to visitors.

Business center full.jpg
Mall on Diocese of Meru office property for rental income.
Fuel Station on Diocese of Meru property
Drying tomatoes.jpg
Tumaini women's group.jpg
Mt Meru_edited.jpg
Maroroni milling machine.jpg
Maroroni Parish milling machine supported by St. Luke's Waukesha
Tumaini Women's Project, Eastern District, solar dehydrated tomatoes.
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