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Medical Support

This team was formed by the Meru Committee of the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA.  It was formerly called the Medical Concerns Committee. 

One of the valuable missions of the ELCT Diocese of Meru is to support and operate medical facilities. These include:

  • Nkoaranga Hospital (approximately 80 beds),

  • Leguruki Health Center (with 2-3 overnight beds) and

  • 2 clinics   

The Hospital provides in and out-patient services, with a strong emphasis on orthopedics, primary and palliative care.  The Health Center and clinics focus on primary care and maternity health.


Completed projects for Medical Support areas (in the past 8 years) include:

  • Replacing x-ray equipment and upgrading the electrical system to support the new machine (2018 with assistance from German partners)

  • Digging a well for clean water, installation of water storage tanks (2019)

  • Adding 3 overnight rooms at the Health Center (2021)

  • Contributions to unpaid salaries for clinic nurses and staff (2021)

  • Providing funds for medications and staff education (ongoing)

  • Providing funds for a hospital administrator (2015-2018)

As our relationship with the Diocese has evolved, we share goals, insights and priorities for improvement.  In the process we also pray regularly for God’s assistance for the staff and the patients in need of care. 

Xray machine.jpg
Hospital X-ray
Hospital well.jpeg
Hospital well tanks.jpg
Hospital well & storage tanks
overnight room at dispensary.jpeg
Overnight room at Health Center
waiting area at rural clinic.jpeg
Clinic waiting area


We hold joint meetings by Zoom, connecting our team and the leadership of the Diocese, the Nkoaranga Hospital, the Health Center and the Clinics.  Our goal is to not only share financially, but share knowledge, processes and ideas.  Even with the restrictions of the pandemic, we have continued to send cloth masks to Meru.  Masks were also purchased from tailors in Meru, providing masks where they were most needed and paying local tailors to complete the work.


Regular guests of our local meetings include representatives from the Gilchrist Cares Organization in Maryland, whose organization provides palliative care in Meru.

For more information on Medical Support programs in the Diocese of Meru or to contact our Medical Support Sub-Committee, please email Place "Medical Support" in the subject line.

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