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Diocese of Meru Projects

This page shares the many projects going on in the Diocese of Meru.

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Approximately 60% of the Diocese of Meru has serious drought conditions as seen in this recent photo. Crops have not been able to grow for the many who live on small farms in the eastern and southern districts.

*About 8,000 Families are in URGENT NEED.

The cost of food has doubled, and in some cases tripled, with post COVID-19 inflation, the war in Ukraine reducing grain supplies, and food shortages all driving prices up.

Drought crops.jpg

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Property in front of the Diocese office has been developed with income producing retail stores in the form of a 2 story retail mall, called Huduma House. The road is now paved so this is considered a prime location. Each tennant signs a 1 year lease for use of a storefront.

Business center full.jpg

Diocese Fuel Station

The Diocese of Meru has leased property for another income opportunity. This fuel station is located across the main road from the Makumira Farm property. It is scheduled to open "soon."

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