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Included here are resources providing more information about our partership with the Diocese of Meru and how we celebrate this partnership.

Harambee Video Series, 2021

In Spring of 2021 our Partnership group created 6 videos highlighting areas of need and accomplishments in the Diocese of Meru. Each video is 4-6 minutes long telling more of the story of our partnership.

The series is titled "Harambee, A community working together for the common good. Investing in our Meru Partnership."

Find the titles and links below for each video.

Video #1 
Video #4
Video #2 
Video #5
Video #3
Video #6
Meru Parish Map_r2_Coffee.jpg
Meru Parish Map_r2_Coffee.jpg
Diocese of Meru Parish Map

This map shows approximate locations of Diocese parishes and the 5 Districts. 

The yellow dots indicate Greater Milwaukee Synod parish partners.

The red dots indicate Mt Meru Coffee Project processing locations.

Diocese school locations will be added soon!

Worship in Meru

In August of 2022, Pastor Lyndsey Jordan (St. Lukes, Waukesha) traveled to Meru, participated in worship and shared an English translation of their liturgy of Holy Communion, ELCT hymnal (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania). Click on the PDF button to view.

Meru Liturgy
Pastor Lindsay Jordan in Tanzania (1).jpg

Comfort Doll Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Click here for a Word document - knitting

These have been made for and donated to the Palliative Care Unit at 

Nkoranga Hospital in the past but can be given to children anywhere!

Click here for a Website source for both knitting and crochet patterns

Comfort doll pic_edited.jpg
Comfort dolls.jpg

Travel to Meru

This pamphlet shares tips for how to prepare for a trip to the Diocese of Meru

Usa River Rest House Info
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