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Water Projects

The water committee works in collaboration with our church partnership and the Diocese of Meru, to provide safe and clean water to drought-stricken areas within the Diocese.

For more information on Water Projects in the Diocese of Meru or to contact our Water Projects Sub-Committee, please email Place "Water Projects" in the subject line.

Well project.jpeg
Water Cistern at Kikwe Parish.JPG
Bishop receivesthanks for water 2018 visit.JPG
Savana Water Project.jpg

Project News

1. 18 km pipeline carrying fresh mountain stream water to four villages including:

  • Built water source infrastructure at Tenguru Springs, 2017

  • Pipeline to Kikwe in service since 2018

  • Planning pipeline extension to three additional villages in 2022, see NEW photos of progress below!

2. Completed pipeline to Samaria primary school, 2019

3. Funded deep well to provide clean water for Nkoaranga Hospital, 2019

Water committee.jpg
Mt Meru_edited.jpg
Karangai Parish Water Committee.JPG
Karangai Parish Water Committee
New Water Tanks at Nkoaranga Hospital.JPG
Nkoaranga Hospital water storage tanks
Water tank Karangai.jpg
water pipline Karangai.jpg
hand digging water pipline karangai.jpg
Pipeline extension to Karangai-August, 2022
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