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Monthly Meeting

A general partnership meeting is held on the second Saturday of each month beginning at 9am.

All meetings available via a Zoom link.

March 11, In-person meeting at Vernon Lutheran, Mukwanago

Contact us at with "Meeting link" in the subject line to receive an invitation to our open meeting. 



Share your Meru Partnership special event here!

Email the event details to:

Christmas Greetings from Meru!
Celebrating Life

We are grateful for the service and contributions to the Meru Partnership Committee of

Rev. Edward F. Weiskotten and Rev. James F. Peters.

We mourn with their families their passing at the end of 2022. Please click on the links below to read their obituaries. 

Logo Clothing Sale

Partners with Meru logo clothing sale is now closed.

Orders will be completed by Feb. 25th.

Our next sale will begin in early May.

Think ahead for gifts, travel to Meru, etc.!

Direct questions to and/or to Julie Starks

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