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Mishikamano Vocational School

Many thanks to you for your support we received  1333 USD, which was a rate amount of  TSHS 3,272,515\= We were able to buy four Stoves for our food production practical class thank you very much for your support  May God bless you. Mshikamano is still praying for your  Love.

I would like to attach some photos,

Stay blessed.

Regards Magdalena .S.John

Students and new stoves.jpg
The old stove 
students were using!


The Education Subcommittee seeks to:

  • Listen to our partners & Learn about education in Meru

  • Collaborate with the Diocese’ Education Subcommittee regarding how best we can work together to support their mission in the Diocese’ schools, and

  • Invest in & Empower teachers and students in the Diocese’ schools through prayer, sharing ideas for growth and sustainability, and financial support.

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For more information on Education programs in the Diocese of Meru or to contact our Education Sub-Committee, please email Place "Education" in the subject line.
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Professional Education Fund

The Professional Education Fund provides tuition to students seeking professional degrees, especially for pastors and teachers.

We promote & contribute to this fund annually.

Many Professional Education Fund candidates attend Tumaini University at Makumira, an institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania.
Prof educ fund recipients.jpg
Professional Fund recipients are vetted and selected by the Diocese.
Prof educ fund ordination.jpg
Four Professional Fund Recipients are ordained as pastors by presiding Bishop Elias Kitoi Nasari.

Diocese of Meru Supported Schools

Rev. Emanuel Majola _ Ailanga (2).jpg

Ailanga Junior Seminary - 

Forms 1-6, Central District

Headmaster - Pastor Emanuel Majola

There are 283 students and 38 staff at this school.


Kikatiti Secondary School--Forms 1-4—Southern District

Headmaster - Tareto Nassari

There are 15 supporting staff and 28 teachers for 300 students.


Ngarenanyuki Secondary and Ombeni Ndosi (2).jpg

Ngarenanyuki Secondary School--Forms 1-4—Northern District

Headmaster Ombeni Ndosi

The school was established in 1988 and registered in 1991. 

It has 232 students with 11 teachers and 11 supporting staff.

Angaza pre and primary school Joel Pallangyo_edited.jpg

Angaza Primary School--Standards 1-7 and 2 years of pre-primary—Central District

Director - Pastor Malaki Joel Pallangyo

There are 25 workers with 12 being supporting staff and 13 are teachers with 410 students.

LKEC and Bernad Mbise.jpg

LKEC School - Forms 1-4 & 2-3 year Training Center programs, Eastern District

Director - Bernad Mbise

The Leguruki Kingori Education Center includes Leki Secondary School and Leguruki Vocational Training Center. 
Leki Secondary School has 104 students and the Vocational Center has 161 with a total of 32 staff.

Mshikamano VTC and Magdalena S. John (2).jpg

Mshikamano Vocational Center--2 or 3 year programs—Central District

Headmistress - Magdalena S. John

This Center was established in 1988 and gives priority to girls. It currently has 105 students with 10 teachers and 12 supporting staff.

Rafael Mollel closeup.jpg

Anande Primary and Pre-primary School -

Eastern District

Director - Mr. Rafael Mollel 

Makumira Secondary and James Somi.jpg

Makumira Secondary School--Forms 1-6—Central District

Headmaster - James Somi

The school was raised by the Meru coffee growers and it is among the oldest secondary schools in Tanzania with many civil workers having studied there.
It has 277 students and 33 workers.

Emanuel Ayo closeup.jpg

Usa River Rehab Secondary School -Forms 1-4—Central District

Headmaster - Emanuel Ayo

The school was registered in 2018 and the infrastructure favors students with special needs and non-disabled students. It has seven teachers and three supporting staff with 47 students. 

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