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Related Project-Mt Meru Coffee Project

The Mt Meru Coffee Project is jointly organized by volunteers located in Milwaukee and an association of farmers growing the coffee in Tanzania


Mt Meru Coffee Project

Established in 1999, the Project enables small coffee farmers living on the slopes of Mount Meru in Tanzania to have funds available to send their children to school, access and pay for health care, and to support local farm villages, markets, and merchants.


The Project provides small farmers with a fair price for their premium coffee. A fair price provides an increase in farm income, allowing the farmers to support their families with dignity.

Purchasing and drinking Mt. Meru Premium Tanzanian Coffee is the single most important way in which individuals, congregations, and businesses can support thousands of family coffee farmers in Tanzania. 


2021 Annual Report
(introduction only)

Dear Friends,

Years of training provided to the small, rural, family farmers is clearly paying off as improved crops are yielding higher quality of "cherry" (the coffee bean surrounded by pulp and husk; as it is when picked from the tree) resulting in a higher price per pound and a better quality of life for our Tanzanian partners.  It is our volunteers and donors who made this possible. With the help of our congregation volunteers and a successful advertising campaign, online orders were instrumental in keeping the project steady these past 18 months.  New, and longtime volunteers have been processing orders like a well-oiled machine throughout these uncertain times and met the challenge of the much welcomed increase in fall and holiday sales volume.   We are deeply grateful for our loyal and generous donors – our consistent partners that sustain us now and as we look to the future.

            Asante sana (Thank you very much) 

            Walt Chossek, President


What began as a Milwaukee area initiative has expanded to include patrons across the USA, as well as several commercial customers who have discovered the quality and value our coffee brings to their customers.

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